Battery 346970-001 for COMPAQ Presario R3017AP-DV814P, Presario R3003US-DZ337UR, Presario R3206EA-PJ840EA, Business Notebook NX9100

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  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 14,8
  • Capacity 6600
  • Compatible part numbers: 346970-001, 346971-001, 350836-001
  • Compatible models of COMPAQ: Presario R3017AP-DV814P, Presario R3003US-DZ337UR, Presario R3206EA-PJ840EA
  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 14,8
  • Capacity 6600
  • Back cover for extended battery
  • Dimension 150.65 x 116.60 x 21.10mm
  • Manufacture Cameron Sino
  • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
  • Brand New with One Year Warranty
Compatible part numbers
346970-001 346971-001 350836-001
371914-001 371916-001 378858-001
378859-001 380443-001 383966-001
Compatible with following models of COMPAQ
Presario R3017AP-DV814P Presario R3003US-DZ337UR Presario R3206EA-PJ840EA
Business Notebook NX9100 Business Notebook NX9100-PB705PA Business Notebook NX9100-PB706PA
Business Notebook NX9100-PB716PA Business Notebook NX9100-PB717PA Business Notebook NX9100-PB718PA
Business Notebook NX9100-PD676PA Business Notebook NX9100-PE737PA Business Notebook NX9100-PE738PA
Business Notebook NX9100-PE742PA Business Notebook NX9100-PE846LA Business Notebook NX9100-PE847LA
Business Notebook NX9105 Business Notebook NX9105-DU352A Business Notebook NX9105-DU352T
Business Notebook NX9105-DU367A Business Notebook NX9105-DU367T Business Notebook NX9105-DU403S
Business Notebook NX9105-DU426ET Business Notebook NX9105-DU428ET Business Notebook NX9105-DU429EA
Business Notebook NX9105-DZ944AA Business Notebook NX9110 Business Notebook NX9110-DU315A
Business Notebook NX9110-DU316A Business Notebook NX9110-DU432EA Business Notebook NX9110-DU433ET
Business Notebook NX9110-DU434EA Business Notebook NX9110-DU434ET Business Notebook NX9110-DU435EA
Business Notebook NX9110-DU435ET Business Notebook NX9110-DU445ES Business Notebook NX9110-DV102U
Business Notebook NX9110-DV864P Business Notebook NX9110-DW786AA Business Notebook NX9110-DW787AA
Business Notebook NX9110-DW788AA Business Notebook NX9110-DW789AA Business Notebook NX9110-DW790AA
Business Notebook NX9110-DY841PA Business Notebook NX9110-DY842PA Business Notebook NX9110-DY879PA
Business Notebook NX9110-DY880PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ489PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ497PA
Business Notebook NX9110-DZ498PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ499PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ500PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA226PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA227PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA228PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA229PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA230PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA231PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA232PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA233PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA234PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA235PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA598PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA599PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PC794AV Business Notebook NX9110-PC796AV Business Notebook NX9110-PK362PA
Business Notebook NX9600 Business Notebook NX9600-PM580AV Business Notebook NX9600-PM581AV
Business Notebook NX9600-PR762AA Business Notebook NX9600-PR763AA Business Notebook NX9600-PU358UA
PP2100 PP2200 PP2210
Presario R3000 Presario R3000AP Presario R3000AP(DV799#ABS)
Presario R3000-DG446AV Presario R3000-DG448AV Presario R3000-DG449AV
Presario R3000-DT850AV Presario R3000-DU903AV Presario R3000-DU904AV
Presario R3000-DV272AV Presario R3000T-DG447AV Presario R3000T-DL273AV
Presario R3000T-DP218AV Presario R3000Z-DP341AV Presario R3000Z-DP533AV
Presario R3000Z-DP740AV Presario R3000Z-DW370AV Presario R3000Z-PN304AV
Presario R3000Z-PN305AV Presario R3001AP-DV799P Presario R3001-DV191AT
Presario R3001US-DS511U Presario R3001US-DS511UR Presario R3002AP-DV800P
Presario R3002-DV192AT Presario R3003AP-DV801P Presario R3003US-DV561AT
Presario R3003US-DZ337U Presario R3004AP-DV802P Presario R3004US-DV562AT
Presario R3004US-DZ358U Presario R3004US-DZ358UR Presario R3005AP-DV803P
Presario R3005US-DV563AT Presario R3006AP-DV804P Presario R3007AP-DV805P
Presario R3008AP-DV806P Presario R3009AP-DV807PA Presario R3010AP-DV189A
Presario R3010EA-DV190A Presario R3011AP-DV808PA Presario R3012AP-DV809P
Presario R3013AP-DV810P Presario R3014AP-DV811P Presario R3015AP-DV812PA
Presario R3016AP-DV813P Presario R3018AP-DV815P Presario R3019AP-DV816PA
Presario R3021AP-DV818PA Presario R3022AP-DV819PA Presario R3023AP-DV820PA
Presario R3024AP-DV821PA Presario R3030EA-DU985E Presario R3030US-DS512U
Presario R3030US-DS512UR Presario R3038CL-DS513U Presario R3038CL-DS513UR
Presario R3039EA-DS427E Presario R3040EA-DS426E Presario R3050EA-DS429E
Presario R3050US-DS481U Presario R3050US-DS481UR Presario R3055CA-DS514U
Presario R3055CA-DS514UR Presario R3056RS-DS515U Presario R3056RS-DS515UR
Presario R3060CA-DS486U Presario R3060CA-DS486UR Presario R3060EA-DS428E
Presario R3060EA-DV560AA Presario R3060US-DS516U Presario R3060US-DS516UR
Presario R3065US-DX995U Presario R3065US-DX995UR Presario R3070US-DS479U
Presario R3070US-DS479UR Presario R3101AP-DX841PA Presario R3103-DZ594AS
Presario R3111EA-PB891EA Presario R3112EA-PB882EA Presario R3113EA-PB886EA
Presario R3114EA-PB887EA Presario R3116EA-PB884EA Presario R3117EA-PB889EA
Presario R3119EA-PB892EA Presario R3120CA-PC892U Presario R3120CA-PC892UR
Presario R3120US-DZ353U Presario R3120US-DZ353UR Presario R3128RS-DZ341U
Presario R3128RS-DZ341UR Presario R3136EA-PB888EA Presario R3137EA-PB881EA
Presario R3138EA-PB883EA Presario R3140CA-PD283U Presario R3140CA-PD283UR
Presario R3140US-DZ357U Presario R3140US-DZ357UR Presario R3145EA-PB885EA
Presario R3150US-DZ338U Presario R3150US-DZ338UR Presario R3158IT-PB890EA
Presario R3160US-DZ354U Presario R3160US-DZ354UR Presario R3190EA-DZ595AS
Presario R3190US-DZ359U Presario R3190US-DZ359UR Presario R3200-PC729AV
Presario R3200-PC730AV Presario R3200-PC731AV Presario R3200-PC777AV
Presario R3200-PC778AV Presario R3200-PD487AV Presario R3200-PD488AV
Presario R3201AP-PH488PA Presario R3201US-PF931AS Presario R3202AP-PH489PA
Presario R3202US-PF137UA Presario R3202US-PF137UAR Presario R3202US-PF932AS
Presario R3203AP-PH490PA Presario R3203US-PF136UA Presario R3203US-PF136UAR
Presario R3203US-PF964AS Presario R3204AP-PH491PA Presario R3204US-PF157UA
Presario R3205AP-PH492PA Presario R3206AP-PH493PA Presario R3207AP-PH494PA
Presario R3207EA-PA466EA Presario R3208AP-PH495PA Presario R3209AP-PH496PA
Presario R3210AP-PH497PA Presario R3210CA Presario R3210CA-PF158UA
Presario R3210CA-PF158UAR Presario R3210EA-PB896EA Presario R3210-PF925AS
Presario R3210US-PF156UA Presario R3210US-PF156UAR Presario R3211AP-PH477PA
Presario R3212EA-PB893EA Presario R3215CA-PF161UA Presario R3215CA-PF161UAR
Presario R3215EA-PA468EA Presario R3220CA Presario R3220CA-PF159UA
Presario R3220CA-PF159UAR Presario R3220US-PF134UA Presario R3220US-PF134UAR
Presario R3228EA-PA469EA Presario R3230CA Presario R3230CA-PF162UA
Presario R3230CA-PF162UAR Presario R3230EA-PA467EA Presario R3230US-PF135UA
Presario R3230US-PF135UAR Presario R3240CA Presario R3240CA-PF160UA
Presario R3240CA-PF160UAR Presario R3240EA-PB922EA Presario R3240US-PF153UA
Presario R3240US-PF153UAR Presario R3245EA-PB923EA Presario R3247US-PF140UA
Presario R3247US-PF140UAR Presario R3249EA-PB895EA Presario R3250EA-PB894EA
Presario R3251EA-PB897EA Presario R3255EA-PB921EA Presario R3260US-PF154UA
Presario R3275US-PF111UA Presario R3275US-PF111UAR Presario R3290US-PF110UA
Presario R3290US-PF110UAR Presario R3312AP-PD124PA Presario R3313AP-PD153PA
Presario R3314AP-PH481PA Presario R3400-PN318AV Presario R3400-PN319AV
Presario R4000 Presario R4000DF-PL855AV Presario R4000FF-PL854AV
Presario R4000FF-PN495AV Presario R4001-PX960AS Presario R4002-PX961AS
Presario R4003-EA457AS Presario R4003EA-EA016EA Presario R4005EA-EA014EA
Presario R4006EA-EA003EA Presario R4009EA-EA008EA Presario R4010CA-PX358UA
Presario R4010US-PX352UA Presario R4010US-PX352UAR Presario R4012EA-EA017EA
Presario R4012US-PX356UA Presario R4012US-PX356UAR Presario R4015EA-EA005EA
Presario R4016EA-EA006EA Presario R4017EA-EA007EA Presario R4024EA-EA012EA
Presario R4025CA Presario R4025CA-PX354UA Presario R4025EA-EA002EA
Presario R4025US-PX353UA Presario R4026EA-EA004EA Presario R4028EA-EA011EA
Presario R4029EA-EA015EA Presario R4030EA-EA009EA Presario R4031EA-EA010EA
Presario R4035CA Presario R4035CA-PX357UA Presario R4060EA-EA013EA
Presario R4065EA-EA001EA Presario R4075EA-PZ999EA Presario R4100
Presario R4114EA Presario R4125EA Presario R4145EA
Presario R4225CA Presario X6000 Presario X6001
Presario X6002 Presario X6003 Presario X6050CA
Presario X6050US Presario X6070US Presario X6070xx
Presario X6100 Presario X6105CL Presario X6105xx
Presario X6110 Presario X6110US Presario X6125
Presario X6125CL
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  • Battery 346970-001 for COMPAQ Presario R3017AP-DV814P, Presario R3003US-DZ337UR, Presario R3206EA-PJ840EA, Business Notebook NX9100
  • Original packaging
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