Battery 1BTIZZZ0TAT for GATEWAY T6810, T6300, T6308c, M1400, M1408j, M1410J, M1411J, M1412, M150, M150S Garnet Red, M150S Pacific Blue

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  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 11,1
  • Capacity 6600
  • Compatible part numbers: 1BTIZZZ0TAT, 1BTIZZZ0TAU, 1BTIZZZ0TAV
  • Compatible models of GATEWAY: T6810, T6300, T6308c
  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 11,1
  • Capacity 6600
  • Back cover for extended battery
  • Dimension 205.00 x 69.06 x 22.32mm
  • Important note: 9 Cells
  • Manufacture Cameron Sino
  • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
  • Brand New with One Year Warranty
Compatible part numbers
2524264 2524265 35044LB-SP1
3UR18650-2-T0036 3UR18650-2-T0037 3UR18650F-2-ARM
6501117 6501147 6501164
6501165 6501166 6501167
6501168 6501169 6501171
6501182 6501187 6501188
6501189 6501190 6501191
6501200 6501202 6501203
6501209 6501210 6501211
6501212 6501213 6501214
6501215 6501216 6501217
6501219 6506124R 6506125R
6506126R 6506128 6506156R
6506157R 916C6240F 916C6250
916C6790F 916C6800F 916C6810F
916C6940F 916C7320F 934T2660F
934T2670F 934T2690F 934T2700F
934T2720F 934T2730F 934T2920F
934T2960F 935C/T2090F 935C/T2270
935C2090F 935C2150F 935C2180F
935C2190F 935T2090F AB170
B1865010G00004 B1865010G00006 B1865060GA0013
B1865060GA0014 B1865060GA0015 B1865060GA0016
B1865060GA0017 B1865060GA0018 B1865060GA0019
B1865060GA0020 B1865060GA0021 B1865060GA0161
BT.00603.047 BT.00603.050 BT.00603.051
BT.00607.024 BT.00607.025 BT.00607.026
BT.00607.029 BT.00607.030 BT.0060D.001
BT.0060D.002 BT.0060D.003 BT.0060D.004
BT.0060D.005 BT.0060D.006 DAK100440-010144L
DAK100440-010802L DAK100440-011107L DAK100440-011805
DAK100440-011805L DAK100520-010102L DAK100520-010802L
SQU-715 SQU-719 SQU-720
SQU-721 W35044LB W35044LB-SP
W35044LB-SY W35052LB W35052LB-SY
Compatible with following models of GATEWAY
T6810 T6300 T6308c
M1400 M1408j M1410J
M1411J M1412 M150
M150S Garnet Red M150S Pacific Blue M150S Slate Grey Ridgeview
M150X Garnet Red M150X Pacific Blue M150X Pacific Blue Ridgeview
M150X Slate Grey Ridgeview M150XL Garnet Red M150XL Pacific Blue
M150XL Pacific Blue Ridgeview M150XL Slate Grey Ridgeview M151S Arctic Bloom
M151S Garnet Red M151S Pacific Blue M151S Silver
M151x M151X Arctic Bloom M151X Garnet Red
M151X Pacific Blue M151X Silver M151xl
M151XL Garnet Red M151XL Pacific Blue M151XL Silve
M152S Arctic Bloom M152S Garnet Red M152S Pacific Blue
M152S Silver M152xl M152XL Garnet Red
M152XL Pacific Blue M153S Garnet Red M153S Pacific Blue
M153S Silver M153X Garnet Red M153X Silver
M153XL Arctic Bloom M153XL Garnet Red M153XL Pacific Blue
M1600 M1615 M1617
M1618 M1618N M1618R
M1619j M1622 M1622H
M1624 M1625 M1626
M1628 M1629 M1630J
M1631J M1632J M52s
M6205M M6206M M6207M
M6300 M6305 M6307
M6308 M6309 M6312
M6315 M6316 M6317
M6318 M6319 M6320
M6322 M6323 M6324
M6325 M6332 M6333
M6334 M6335 M6337
M6339U M6340U M6700
M6750 M6750H M6752
M6755 M6800 M6801m
M6801MT M6802m M6803m
M6804m M6805M M6806M
M6807M M6808m M6809M
M6810M M6811M M6812M
M6813M M6814M M6815
M6816 M6817 M6821b
M6822 M6823 M6823a
M6824 M6825j M6826j
M6827 M6827j M6828b
M6829b M6834 M6839J
M6840J M6841 M6842J
M6843 M6844 M6846
M6847 M6848 M6849
M6850FX M6851 M6854M
M6862 M6864FX M6866
M6867 M6873B M6873H
M6874H M6875B M6876B
M6877B M6878 M6878H
M6879J M6880 M6881
M6882h M6884h M6889u
M7301h M7301u M7305u
M7309h M7315u M7317u
M7325u M7328u M7333u
M7334u M7342u M7343u
M7347u M7348u M7349u
M7350u P170 P170L
P170X P171S P171S FX
P171X P171X FX P171XL FX
P172S FX P172X P172XL FX
P173X FX P173XL FX P6300
P6301 P6302 P6311
P6312 P6313 P6313H
P6317 P6318U P6801M FX
P6822 P6825 P6828H
P6829H P6831 FX P6832
P6836 P6860 FX P6860fx
P6861J FX P7801U FX P7811 FX
P7908u FX P7915u FX P7917u FX
P7920u FX T1600 T1616
T1620 T1621 T1622
T1625 T6311 T6339u
T6340u T6341u T6800
T6801m T6802m T6815
T6815h T6816 T6816h
T6817c T6818c T6819c
T6820c T6821c T6822c
T6823c T6828
Packing List
  • Battery 1BTIZZZ0TAT for GATEWAY T6810, T6300, T6308c, M1400, M1408j, M1410J, M1411J, M1412, M150, M150S Garnet Red, M150S Pacific Blue
  • Original packaging
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