Battery 346970-001 for COMPAQ Presario R3002-DV192AT, Presario R3019AP-DV816PA, Presario R3120US-DZ353UR, Business Notebook NX9100

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  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 14,8
  • Capacity 4400
  • Compatible part numbers: 346970-001, 350836-001, 371914-001
  • Compatible models of COMPAQ: Presario R3002-DV192AT, Presario R3019AP-DV816PA, Presario R3120US-DZ353UR
  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 14,8
  • Capacity 4400
  • Back cover for extended battery
  • Dimension 150.80 x 116.75 x 21.10mm
  • Manufacture Cameron Sino
  • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
  • Brand New with One Year Warranty
Compatible part numbers
346970-001 350836-001 371914-001
378858-001 378859-001 383968-001
Compatible with following models of COMPAQ
Presario R3002-DV192AT Presario R3019AP-DV816PA Presario R3120US-DZ353UR
Business Notebook NX9100 Business Notebook NX9100-PB705PA Business Notebook NX9100-PB706PA
Business Notebook NX9100-PB716PA Business Notebook NX9100-PB717PA Business Notebook NX9100-PB718PA
Business Notebook NX9100-PD676PA Business Notebook NX9100-PE737PA Business Notebook NX9100-PE738PA
Business Notebook NX9100-PE742PA Business Notebook NX9100-PE846LA Business Notebook NX9100-PE847LA
Business Notebook NX9105 Business Notebook NX9105-DU352A Business Notebook NX9105-DU352T
Business Notebook NX9105-DU367A Business Notebook NX9105-DU367T Business Notebook NX9105-DU403S
Business Notebook NX9105-DU426ET Business Notebook NX9105-DU428ET Business Notebook NX9105-DU429EA
Business Notebook NX9105-DZ944AA Business Notebook NX9110 Business Notebook NX9110-DU315A
Business Notebook NX9110-DU316A Business Notebook NX9110-DU432EA Business Notebook NX9110-DU433ET
Business Notebook NX9110-DU434EA Business Notebook NX9110-DU434ET Business Notebook NX9110-DU435EA
Business Notebook NX9110-DU435ET Business Notebook NX9110-DU445ES Business Notebook NX9110-DV102U
Business Notebook NX9110-DV864P Business Notebook NX9110-DW786AA Business Notebook NX9110-DW787AA
Business Notebook NX9110-DW788AA Business Notebook NX9110-DW789AA Business Notebook NX9110-DW790AA
Business Notebook NX9110-DY841PA Business Notebook NX9110-DY842PA Business Notebook NX9110-DY879PA
Business Notebook NX9110-DY880PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ489PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ497PA
Business Notebook NX9110-DZ498PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ499PA Business Notebook NX9110-DZ500PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA226PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA227PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA228PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA229PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA230PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA231PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA232PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA233PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA234PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PA235PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA598PA Business Notebook NX9110-PA599PA
Business Notebook NX9110-PC794AV Business Notebook NX9110-PC796AV Business Notebook NX9110-PK362PA
PP2100 PP2200 PP2210
Presario R3000 Presario R3000AP Presario R3000AP(DV799#ABS)
Presario R3000-DG446AV Presario R3000-DG448AV Presario R3000-DG449AV
Presario R3000-DT850AV Presario R3000-DU903AV Presario R3000-DU904AV
Presario R3000-DV272AV Presario R3000T-DG447AV Presario R3000T-DL273AV
Presario R3000T-DP218AV Presario R3000Z-DP341AV Presario R3000Z-DP533AV
Presario R3000Z-DP740AV Presario R3000Z-DW370AV Presario R3000Z-PN304AV
Presario R3000Z-PN305AV Presario R3001AP-DV799P Presario R3001-DV191AT
Presario R3001US-DS511U Presario R3001US-DS511UR Presario R3002AP-DV800P
Presario R3003AP-DV801P Presario R3003US-DV561AT Presario R3003US-DZ337U
Presario R3003US-DZ337UR Presario R3004AP-DV802P Presario R3004US-DV562AT
Presario R3004US-DZ358U Presario R3004US-DZ358UR Presario R3005AP-DV803P
Presario R3005US-DV563AT Presario R3006AP-DV804P Presario R3007AP-DV805P
Presario R3008AP-DV806P Presario R3009AP-DV807PA Presario R3010AP-DV189A
Presario R3010EA-DV190A Presario R3011AP-DV808PA Presario R3012AP-DV809P
Presario R3013AP-DV810P Presario R3014AP-DV811P Presario R3015AP-DV812PA
Presario R3016AP-DV813P Presario R3017AP-DV814P Presario R3018AP-DV815P
Presario R3021AP-DV818PA Presario R3022AP-DV819PA Presario R3023AP-DV820PA
Presario R3024AP-DV821PA Presario R3030EA-DU985E Presario R3030US-DS512U
Presario R3030US-DS512UR Presario R3038CL-DS513U Presario R3038CL-DS513UR
Presario R3039EA-DS427E Presario R3040EA-DS426E Presario R3050EA-DS429E
Presario R3050US-DS481U Presario R3050US-DS481UR Presario R3055CA-DS514U
Presario R3055CA-DS514UR Presario R3056RS-DS515U Presario R3056RS-DS515UR
Presario R3060CA-DS486U Presario R3060CA-DS486UR Presario R3060EA-DS428E
Presario R3060EA-DV560AA Presario R3060US-DS516U Presario R3060US-DS516UR
Presario R3065US-DX995U Presario R3065US-DX995UR Presario R3070US-DS479U
Presario R3070US-DS479UR Presario R3101AP-DX841PA Presario R3103-DZ594AS
Presario R3111EA-PB891EA Presario R3112EA-PB882EA Presario R3113EA-PB886EA
Presario R3114EA-PB887EA Presario R3116EA-PB884EA Presario R3117EA-PB889EA
Presario R3119EA-PB892EA Presario R3120CA-PC892U Presario R3120CA-PC892UR
Presario R3120US-DZ353U Presario R3128RS-DZ341U Presario R3128RS-DZ341UR
Presario R3136EA-PB888EA Presario R3137EA-PB881EA Presario R3138EA-PB883EA
Presario R3140CA-PD283U Presario R3140CA-PD283UR Presario R3140US-DZ357U
Presario R3140US-DZ357UR Presario R3145EA-PB885EA Presario R3150US-DZ338U
Presario R3150US-DZ338UR Presario R3158IT-PB890EA Presario R3160US-DZ354U
Presario R3160US-DZ354UR Presario R3190EA-DZ595AS Presario R3190US-DZ359U
Presario R3190US-DZ359UR Presario R3200-PC729AV Presario R3200-PC730AV
Presario R3200-PC731AV Presario R3200-PC777AV Presario R3200-PC778AV
Presario R3200-PD487AV Presario R3200-PD488AV Presario R3201AP-PH488PA
Presario R3201US-PF931AS Presario R3202AP-PH489PA Presario R3202US-PF137UA
Presario R3202US-PF137UAR Presario R3202US-PF932AS Presario R3203AP-PH490PA
Presario R3203US-PF136UA Presario R3203US-PF136UAR Presario R3203US-PF964AS
Presario R3204AP-PH491PA Presario R3204US-PF157UA Presario R3205AP-PH492PA
Presario R3206AP-PH493PA Presario R3206EA-PJ840EA Presario R3207AP-PH494PA
Presario R3207EA-PA466EA Presario R3208AP-PH495PA Presario R3209AP-PH496PA
Presario R3210AP-PH497PA Presario R3210CA Presario R3210CA-PF158UA
Presario R3210CA-PF158UAR Presario R3210EA-PB896EA Presario R3210-PF925AS
Presario R3210US-PF156UA Presario R3210US-PF156UAR Presario R3211AP-PH477PA
Presario R3212EA-PB893EA Presario R3215CA-PF161UA Presario R3215CA-PF161UAR
Presario R3215EA-PA468EA Presario R3220CA Presario R3220CA-PF159UA
Presario R3220CA-PF159UAR Presario R3220US-PF134UA Presario R3220US-PF134UAR
Presario R3228EA-PA469EA Presario R3230CA Presario R3230CA-PF162UA
Presario R3230CA-PF162UAR Presario R3230EA-PA467EA Presario R3230US-PF135UA
Presario R3230US-PF135UAR Presario R3240CA Presario R3240CA-PF160UA
Presario R3240CA-PF160UAR Presario R3240EA-PB922EA Presario R3240US-PF153UA
Presario R3240US-PF153UAR Presario R3245EA-PB923EA Presario R3247US-PF140UA
Presario R3247US-PF140UAR Presario R3249EA-PB895EA Presario R3250EA-PB894EA
Presario R3251EA-PB897EA Presario R3255EA-PB921EA Presario R3260US-PF154UA
Presario R3275US-PF111UA Presario R3275US-PF111UAR Presario R3290US-PF110UA
Presario R3290US-PF110UAR Presario R3312AP-PD124PA Presario R3313AP-PD153PA
Presario R3314AP-PH481PA Presario R3400-PN318AV Presario R3400-PN319AV
Presario R4000 Presario R4000DF-PL855AV Presario R4000FF-PL854AV
Presario R4000FF-PN495AV Presario R4001-PX960AS Presario R4002-PX961AS
Presario R4003-EA457AS Presario R4003EA-EA016EA Presario R4005EA-EA014EA
Presario R4006EA-EA003EA Presario R4009EA-EA008EA Presario R4010CA-PX358UA
Presario R4010US-PX352UA Presario R4010US-PX352UAR Presario R4012EA-EA017EA
Presario R4012US-PX356UA Presario R4012US-PX356UAR Presario R4015EA-EA005EA
Presario R4016EA-EA006EA Presario R4017EA-EA007EA Presario R4024EA-EA012EA
Presario R4025CA Presario R4025CA-PX354UA Presario R4025EA-EA002EA
Presario R4025US-PX353UA Presario R4026EA-EA004EA Presario R4028EA-EA011EA
Presario R4029EA-EA015EA Presario R4030EA-EA009EA Presario R4031EA-EA010EA
Presario R4035CA Presario R4035CA-PX357UA Presario R4060EA-EA013EA
Presario R4065EA-EA001EA Presario R4075EA-PZ999EA Presario R4225CA
Packing List
  • Battery 346970-001 for COMPAQ Presario R3002-DV192AT, Presario R3019AP-DV816PA, Presario R3120US-DZ353UR, Business Notebook NX9100
  • Original packaging
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