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Battery Replacement Lenovo 5B10T11585 5B10T11586 5B10T11686 5B10W67180 5B10W67374 L18C4PH0 L18M4PH0 for Yoga C940 SP/A Yoga C940-14IIL

  • Type Li-Polymer
  • Voltage 7.7 V
  • Capacity 7650 mAh
  • Compatible part numbers: 5B10T11585, 5B10T11586, 5B10T11686, 5B10W67180
  • Compatible models of Lenovo: Yoga C940 SP/A, Yoga C940-14IIL, Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90007PH, Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000BGJ
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  • Type Li-Polymer
  • Voltage 7.7 V
  • Capacity 7650 mAh
  • Color Black
  • Dimension 291.70 x 105.00 x 4.70 mm
  • Manufacture Cameron Sino
  • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
  • Brand New with One Year Warranty
Compatible part numbers
Compatible with following models of
Yoga C940 SP/AYoga C940-14IILYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90007PH
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000BGJYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000KAUYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000MUS
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000PMHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000SCKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000UCK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9000WTAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90012HHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90014HH
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90016GJYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90019JPYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001BUK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001DUKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001FSPYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001JAU
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001LMXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001NMXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001UJP
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001WJPYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9001YGMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90023IX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90026SCYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90028ADYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002AAD
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002DSAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002FYAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002HRU
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002KRUYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002NRUYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002QRU
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002SAXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002VTAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9002XSC
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90030SCYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90032SCYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90035AX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90037LMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003AHVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003CIX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003HBMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003KBMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003MBM
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003TYAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003VYAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9003XYA
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90040RMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90043RMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90048MZ
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004ARKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004GMHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004KIV
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004MIVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004SIVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004UIV
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9004XIVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90054IVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90056IV
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90058MXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005BAKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005DUK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005FPGYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005NMBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005QMB
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005SMZYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005VIVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9005XIV
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90060TWYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90063MJYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90066HH
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90069TAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006EAUYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006JAX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006MAXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006TTWYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9006XMZ
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90070LTYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90074JPYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007AKR
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007CKRYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007HHHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007PRA
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007TPBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007VPBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9007YCK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90081FRYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90085FRYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90087AD
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008GHVYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008MSAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008PRK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008UUEYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9008XMZYoga C940-14IIL 81Q90091RM
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q90096PGYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009ALTYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009DUE
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009FMBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009QMXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009SMX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q9009UIXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900A1AXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900A9BM
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ABVNYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ADUEYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AKSA
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AMAKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900APCCYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ASSA
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AVMHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900AXYAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900B5HV
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900B9HHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BHSBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BLKR
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BNTWYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BRMBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BVFE
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900BXCKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900C5RKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900C8IV
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CAGMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CDPBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CFSP
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CHRMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CPMLYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CWKG
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900CYRKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900D3SAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900D5AK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900D7RKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DDUSYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DJHH
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DLAXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DRHHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DTHH
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900DWHHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900E6HHYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EDFR
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EFFRYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EKCKYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EMCK
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EPMJYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900ETSCYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EWMX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900EYMXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900F2PBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900F5PB
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900F8SBYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FBMXYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FFTA
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FHTAYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FNGMYoga C940-14IIL 81Q900FTMX
Yoga C940-14IIL 81Q900G0FEYoga C940-14IIL(81Q90020GE)Yoga C940-14IIL-81Q9
Packing List
  • Battery Replacement Lenovo 5B10T11585 5B10T11586 5B10T11686 5B10W67180 5B10W67374 L18C4PH0 L18M4PH0 for Yoga C940 SP/A Yoga C940-14IIL
  • Original packaging
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