Wide selection
Wide selection

of high quality batteries

Extended capacity
Extended capacity

Longer-lasting batteries

Fast delivery
Fast delivery

with USPS, Hermes, FedEx

Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee

14-day money back guarantee


Warranty period

Period of warranty is noted in description of product and usually equals one year. If warranty period is not noted this product does not have warranty and can be subject for return only.

Goods eligible for warranty

Date of warranty case should be in timeframe of warranty period that was noted in description of item during purchase (warranty period is counted from date of delivery).

Our or manufacturer's warranty service providers require from products following common rules:

  • Presence of serial numbers on products
  • Presence of warranty seals
  • No traces of repair
  • Compliance with service regulations of the product specified in the manual of product

Terms of warranty

  • Products must match to goods eligible for warranty
  • Product usually will be repaired within 1-2 months from date of application warranty case
  • If repair is not possible product can be subject of partial refund depending on current condition
  • Some products (which cannot be repaired, for example batteries) will be replaced to identical products after return to our warehouse within 1-2 working days
  • Repair service authorized by manufacturer will be used on default. If it's impossible we can offer our operators of repair service
  • Buyer is responsible for delivery product to service center / our warehouse

Order of processing warranty case

Buyer should contact to our support service and inform us about warranty case with details. After studying problem, support service will inform nearest service centers or provide information for replacement.

In case of repair

  • Buyer should contact to service center with product and will wait result of repair
  • Manufacture or our store will pay for repair to service center
  • Service center will notify buyer about results and buyer can take repaired product

In case of replacement

  • Buyer should return items to our warehouse (support service provide address)
  • We'll check goods on arrival (matching to goods eligible for warranty) and let you know decision
  • Replacement will be shipped within 1-2 working days after positive decision