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    Battery Replacement Acer 1430-4768 1430-4857 AK.006BT.073 AL10C31 AL10D56 BT.00603.113 BT.00605.064 for Aspire 1430-4768 Aspire 1430-4857

    • Type Li-ion
    • Voltage 11.1 V
    • Capacity 4400 mAh
    • Compatible part numbers: 1430-4768, 1430-4857, AK.006BT.073, AL10C31
    • Compatible models of Acer: Aspire 1430-4768, Aspire 1430-4857, Aspire 1430Z, Aspire 1830T-3337
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    • Type Li-ion
    • Voltage 11.1 V
    • Capacity 4400 mAh
    • Dimension 202.87 x 49.00 x 21.90mm
    • Manufacture Cameron Sino
    • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
    • Brand New with One Year Warranty
    • Note: 6 Cells
    Compatible part numbers
    Compatible with following models of
    Aspire 1430-4768Aspire 1430-4857Aspire 1430Z
    Aspire 1830T-3337Aspire 1830T-3927Aspire 1425p
    Aspire 1430Aspire 1430 TimelineXAspire 1430-4768
    Aspire 1430-4857Aspire 1430T TimelineXAspire 1430Z
    Aspire 1430Z TimelineXAspire 1430Z-4677Aspire 1551
    Aspire 1551 11.6 inchAspire 1551-32B2G32NAspire 1551-4650
    Aspire 1551-4755Aspire 1551-5448Aspire 1551-K62B4G32n
    Aspire 1830Aspire 1830 TimelineXAspire 1830T
    Aspire 1830T TimelineXAspire 1830T-3337Aspire 1830T-3360
    Aspire 1830T-33U3G32n TimelineAspire 1830T-3425Aspire 1830T-3505
    Aspire 1830T-3505 TimelineXAspire 1830T-3721Aspire 1830T-3721 TimelineX
    Aspire 1830T-3730Aspire 1830T-3927Aspire 1830T-4549 TimelineX
    Aspire 1830T-5432G50nssbAspire 1830T-68U118Aspire 1830T-7618
    Aspire 1830TZAspire 1830TZ-4393Aspire 1830TZ-U542G32n Timelin
    Aspire 1830TZ-U542G50nssaAspire 1830TZ-U544G32nAspire 1830TZ-U544G50n
    Aspire 1830ZAspire 1830Z TimelineXAspire 1830Z-U514G50n Timeline
    Aspire AO721-3070Aspire AO721-3574Aspire AO753-N32C/K
    Aspire AO753-N32C/KFAspire AO753-N32C/SAspire AO753-N32C/SF
    Aspire AO753-U342ssAspire AS1551Aspire AS1551-4650
    Aspire AS1551-4755Aspire AS1551-5448Aspire AS1830T-3505
    Aspire AS1830T-3721Aspire AS1830T-3721 TimelineXAspire AS1830T-3927
    Aspire AS1830T-3927 TimelineXAspire One 1551Aspire One 1551-5448
    Aspire One 721Aspire One 721-122cc_W7632 ChoAspire One 721-122ki_W7632 Noi
    Aspire One 721-3070Aspire One 721-3574Aspire One 721-3620
    Aspire One 721-3988Aspire One 721hAspire One 753
    Aspire One 753 AO753Aspire One 753-N32C/KAspire One 753-N32C/KF
    Aspire One 753-N32C/SAspire One 753-N32C/SFAspire One 753-U342cc_W7625 Ch
    Aspire One 753-U342ki_W7625 NoAspire One 753-U342SSAspire One 753-U342ss01
    Aspire One AO721Aspire One AO721hAspire One AO753
    Aspire TimelineX 1830TTimelineX 1830T
    Packing List
    • Battery Replacement Acer 1430-4768 1430-4857 AK.006BT.073 AL10C31 AL10D56 BT.00603.113 BT.00605.064 for Aspire 1430-4768 Aspire 1430-4857
    • Original packaging
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