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    Battery Replacement Acer 934T2210F BT.00603.012 BT.00604.006 BTP-AMJ1 BTP-ANJ1 BTP-AOJ1 BTP-APJ1 BTP-AQJ1 for Aspire 2420 Aspire 2920

    • Type Li-ion
    • Voltage 11.1 V
    • Capacity 6600 mAh
    • Compatible part numbers: 934T2210F, BT.00603.012, BT.00604.006, BTP-AMJ1
    • Compatible models of Acer: Aspire 2420, Aspire 2920, Aspire 2920-1A2G16MI, Aspire 2920-302G25Mi
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    • Type Li-ion
    • Voltage 11.1 V
    • Capacity 6600 mAh
    • Dimension 204.10 x 67.80 x 24.20mm
    • Manufacture Cameron Sino
    • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
    • Brand New with One Year Warranty
    Compatible part numbers
    Compatible with following models of
    Aspire 2420Aspire 2920Aspire 2920-1A2G16MI
    Aspire 2920-302G25MiAspire 2920-3A2G12MiAspire 2920-3A2G25Mi
    Aspire 2920-3A2G25MnAspire 2920-5A2G25MiAspire 2920-602G25Mn
    Aspire 2920-603G25MiAspire 2920-832G32MnAspire 2920Z
    Aspire 2920Z-2A2G16MIAspire 2920Z-2A2G25MiAspire 2920Z-3A2G12Mi
    Aspire 3620Aspire 3620AAspire 3623NWXMi
    Aspire 3623WXMiAspire 3628AWXCiAspire 3628NWXMi
    Aspire 3628WXMiAspire 3640Aspire 3670
    Aspire 5540Aspire 5541ANWXMiAspire 5541ANWXMiExtensa 3100
    Aspire 5542ANWXMiAspire 5550Aspire 5552NWXMi
    Aspire 5560Aspire 5561AWXMiAspire 5562WXMi
    Aspire 5563WXMiAspire 5590Asprie 2920Z
    Extensa 3100Extensa 4120Extensa 4620
    Extensa 4620-4691Extensa 4620-6402TravelMate 2420
    TravelMate 2420ATravelMate 2423WXCiTravelMate 2423WXMi
    TravelMate 2424NWXMiTravelMate 2424WXCiTravelMate 2424WXMi
    TravelMate 2428AWXMiTravelMate 2440TravelMate 2470
    TravelMate 3240TravelMate 3242NWXMiTravelMate 3250
    TravelMate 3280TravelMate 3282NWXMiTravelMate 3282WXMi
    TravelMate 3284WXMiTravelMate 3290TravelMate 3300
    TravelMate 3302WXMiTravelMate 3304WXMiTravelMate 4320
    TravelMate 6231TravelMate 6231-100508CITravelMate 6231-300508
    TravelMate 6231-300512TravelMate 6231-300512ATravelMate 6231-301G12
    TravelMate 6231-401G12MITravelMate 6252TravelMate 6252-100508Mi
    TravelMate 6291TravelMate 6291-101G12TravelMate 6291-3A1G12MI
    TravelMate 6291-6753TravelMate 6292TravelMate 6292-101G08
    TravelMate 6292-101G16MNTravelMate 6292-101G16NTravelMate 6292-102G16N
    TravelMate 6292-301G16MNTravelMate 6292-301G16NTravelMate 6292-302G16MI
    TravelMate 6292-302G16MNTravelMate 6292-302G16NTravelMate 6292-602G16MN
    TravelMate 6292-602G25MNTravelMate 6292-6700TravelMate 6292-702G25MN
    Packing List
    • Battery Replacement Acer 934T2210F BT.00603.012 BT.00604.006 BTP-AMJ1 BTP-ANJ1 BTP-AOJ1 BTP-APJ1 BTP-AQJ1 for Aspire 2420 Aspire 2920
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