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    Battery Replacement Toshiba PA3128U-1BRS PA3191-2BAS PA3191U-1BAS PA3191U-1BRS PA3191U-2BRS PA3191U-3BAS for Portege 4000 Portege M200

    • Type Li-ion
    • Voltage 10.8 V
    • Capacity 4400 mAh
    • Compatible part numbers: PA3128U-1BRS, PA3191-2BAS, PA3191U-1BAS, PA3191U-1BRS
    • Compatible models of Toshiba: Portege 4000, Portege M200, Portege M200-102, Portege M200-122
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    • Type Li-ion
    • Voltage 10.8 V
    • Capacity 4400 mAh
    • Dimension 126.45 x 69.67 x 20.20mm
    • Manufacture Cameron Sino
    • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
    • Brand New with One Year Warranty
    Compatible part numbers
    Compatible with following models of
    Portege 4000Portege M200Portege M200-102
    Portege M200-122Portege M200-152Portege M200-S218TD
    Portege M200-S838Portege M205Portege M205-S809
    Portege M205-S810Portege M400 Tablet PCPortege M400-EZ5031
    Portege M400-EZ5031 Tablet PCPortege M400-S4031Portege M400-S4031 Tablet PC
    Portege M400-S4032Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PCPortege M400-S4033
    Portege M400-S4034Portege M400-S4035Portege M400-S5032
    Portege M400-S5032 Tablet PCPortege M400-S5032XPortege M400-S5032X Tablet PC
    Portege M400-S933Portege M400-S933 Tablet PCPortege M400-ST4001
    Portege M400-ST4001 Tablet PCPortege M400-ST4035Portege M400-ST9113
    Portege M400-ST9113 Tablet PCPortege M405Portege M405-S8003
    Portege M700 Series Tablet PCPortege M700 Tablet PCPortege M700-139
    Portege M700-13APortege M700-13PPortege M700-S7001X
    Portege M700-S7001X Tablet PCPortege M700-S7002Portege M700-S7002 Tablet PC
    Portege M700-S7003VPortege M700-S7003V Tablet PCPortege M700-S7003X
    Portege M700-S7003X Tablet PCPortege M700-S7004VPortege M700-S7004V Tablet PC
    Portege M700-S7004XPortege M700-S7004X Tablet PCPortege M700-S7005V
    Portege M700-S7005V Tablet PCPortege M700-S7005XPortege M700-S7005X Tablet PC
    Portege M700-S7008Portege M700-S7008 Tablet PCPortege M700-S7008X
    Portege M700-S7008X Tablet PCPortege M700-S7043VPortege M700-S7043V Tablet PC
    Portege M700-S7043XPortege M700-S7043X Tablet PCPortege M700-S7044V
    Portege M700-S7044V Tablet PCPortege M700-S7044XPortege M700-S7044X Tablet PC
    Portege M750-109Portege M750-10JPortege M750-10K
    Portege M750-10LPortege M750-S720Portege M750-S7201
    Portege M750-S7202Portege M750-S7211Portege M750-S7212
    Portege M750-S7213Portege M750-S7221Portege M750-S7222
    Portege M750-S7223Portege M750-S7241Portege M750-S7242
    Portege M750-S7243Portege M750-ST7258PORTEGE M780-S7210
    Portege M780-S7214Portege M780-S7220Portege M780-S7224
    Portege M780-S7230Portege M780-S7234Portege M780-S7240
    Portege M780-S7244Portege M780-ST7200Portege M780-ST7201
    Portege M780-ST7202Satellite Pro 6000Satellite Pro 6050
    Satellite Pro 6100Satellite Pro 6100 SeriesSatellite R10
    Satellite R10-101 Tablet PCSatellite R10-S802TDSatellite R10-S820
    Satellite R15Satellite R15-S822Satellite R15-S8222
    Satellite R15-S829Satellite R20Satellite R20-ST2081
    Satellite R20-ST4113Satellite R25Satellite R25 Series
    Satellite R25-S3503Satellite R25-S3513Tecra M4
    Tecra M4-103Tecra M4-107Tecra M4-S115TD
    Tecra M4-S315Tecra M4-S335Tecra M4-S415
    Tecra M4-S435Tecra M7Tecra M7-118
    Tecra M7-S7311Tecra M7-S7331Tecra M7-ST4013
    Tecra TE 2100Tecra TE2000Tecra TE2100
    Packing List
    • Battery Replacement Toshiba PA3128U-1BRS PA3191-2BAS PA3191U-1BAS PA3191U-1BRS PA3191U-2BRS PA3191U-3BAS for Portege 4000 Portege M200
    • Original packaging
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